Karen has been my friend for 37 years. I knew what she did being a holistic wellness counselor, massage therapists, reiki ambassador, organic food guru. I love all the ways she incorporates many therapies to surround the entire person in a healing blanket of love, empathy and understanding. Karen recently moved from California to Wisconsin.… read more


Karen treats you like family. She is such a warm, nurturing, and compassionate human being and it emanates out through her work. She has a wealth of knowledge that she integrates to help you (w)holistically – mind, body, spirit. I truly appreciate the time, energy, presence, and guidance she continues to give me on my… read more


I have severe arthritis. I fully trust Karen to work on me. I always feel so much better after a massage. She has also given many other tips on wellness that I incorporate into my daily life. As a woman in her 80’s with two hip replacements and two knee replacements, I feel comfortable and… read more


I have had my shoulder replaced and have back problems. Karen has eased my pain. I especially liked the cupping. She really knows her stuff! read more


Karen gave me the best massage I have ever had! I felt so good afterwards. She has great technique and I love how she incorporates Reiki into the massage. I have gotten nauseous after every other massage I have ever had, but I did not get nauseous at all after my massage with Karen. read more


I was so impressed from the massage I received from Karen. I have been in a few car accidents and have neck issues and daily headaches. I had a headache when I came to see her and after she worked on my head and neck my headache was gone! My mobility has already improved without… read more


I have a ton of back and neck issues and severe muscle spasms. Karen has done a phenomenal job each time to actually help me relax and get deep into my muscles. She offered hot stone massage, cupping, and aromatherapy right in the comfort of my own home. I truly enjoyed her services and not… read more


I finally had a massage for the first time in my life!  I had no clue what to expect. I have heard many things so I wasn’t comfortable at all about the subject until I met Karen. She explained every detail prior. She taught me that it’s ok to take time for myself. She was… read more


Karen is the best masseuse I’ve ever had, and I’ve gone to a lot of massage therapists! She is respectful and responsive to your needs. I love her technique and the fact that she likes to incorporate the best of health & wellness. What I found very unique about Karen is that, when I was… read more


I first saw Karen for an injury on my left forearm. She took the time to understand my needs and really explain the links between mind, body and spirit. After a few visits my pain subsided and I’ve been pain free for a while. If your having aches or pains I highly recommend talking to… read more


I’ve been to a lot of massages places, but never felt as relaxed as I’ve had seeing Karen. Karen instantly made me feel comfortable. She has a natural gift of knowing what areas were my problems areas. I think I even feel asleep which I NEVER sleep during a massage!  Even after the massage, I… read more


Karen is the most amazing massage therapist I’ve ever had. I have had massages twice a month since 1988. Three years ago my chiropractor recommended that I give his new massage therapist a try. Oh my God! It amazed me how Karen could find my issue so quickly, would work on my body, and heal… read more

"In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole and complete." - Louise Hay