Karen has been my friend for 37 years. I knew what she did being a holistic wellness counselor, massage therapists, reiki ambassador, organic food guru. I love all the ways she incorporates many therapies to surround the entire person in a healing blanket of love, empathy and understanding. Karen recently moved from California to Wisconsin. I was so excited thinking of all the festivals and fun we could do this summer, and then I got the diagnosis  – cancer. Karen was encouraging through all the biopsies and endless testing. She listened as I cried, calmed my fears with her enduring calm and positive outlook on everything.Although my cancer is aggressive it’s early, but the chemotherapy is tough and took me down hard. I needed to be hospitalized. This is when I saw Karen really shine. I saw how important and necessary her work is and even people with families need the help for their loved one at times like this. After chemo I had to do fluids and shots everyday. It was 4 days post chemo and I could no longer take care of myself and she took me to the hospital. When they were problem solving for possible answers for being so sick, Karen was in the mix. Off the top of her head she remembered when all the appointments were, when the port was put in, she was with me, all my meds and milligrams, how long I was on them and she was my voice when I was too sick to advocate for myself.

She has incorporated specific supplements to help me bridge the gap and help me heal myself. Endless home visits and phone calls, text messages, touching base everyday. I said to her as I sat in the chair getting chemo, “ god must have seen this coming and knew I wouldn’t be able to handle it without you, so he brought you closer and for that I am eternally grateful.

If you have a loved one who is sick, or have an elderly parent or grandparent with a chronic illness I promise you she can can help. Always discussing natural alternatives that will enhance the healing process to get the patient to live their best life. Karen is a huge proponent of utilizing healthy organic foods and vitamins.She always gives you multiple options for a single problem. For example, I had to go in everyday for fluids and neupogen shots and iv bags. She came over with coconut water, avocados, squash, spinach and sweet potatoes.

Karen also has an arsenal of self help wellness books that she assigns if one is open to inner work as well. I am incredibly blessed to have her by my side. I strongly recommend that if you are in a position of caring for a loved one at home or not having the manpower, time or knowledge as to how to navigate the medical field, have Karen help you. It will be a win for you and your loved one. God bless you Karen. Your business is going to be a labor of love. I’m so excited for your future.